Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Night Nurse..............

As predicted, last night was not a restful one.

Small Dog started off OK, in her crate next to the bed, but as soon as the light was switched off she started whimpering.  After just a few minutes we put the light back on to see what was wrong, to find her staring through the bars of the crate with an expression which clearly said "Free the Robsack One".

So I gently settled her back down, gave her a few strokings, closed the crate door, got back into bed and switched the light out.

Whimper, whimper, whimper......

After several goes at trying to settle her, we finally had to relent and hit upon a plan which would guarantee at least one of us some sleep.

So we put her soft, squashy bed on top of the duvet in the middle of the bed, with pillows packed all around so that she couldn't abseil out.  PP then relocated to one of the spare bedrooms and I was left with Small Dog.

The rest of the night went something like this......

Me:  Ok, now settle down.... here, let me make this blanky into a pillow for you.  That better?

SD: thancs mum. Kan yoo just do sum stroakings on mi nek.

Me: Ok, for a little while.  I'm going to put the light out now so settle down to sleep.  I'm very , very tired.

SD:  (non-commitally) hm.  Doant forgett mi stroakings.

Light out, just drifting off to sleep.....small kerfuffle on middle of bed accompanied by squeaks and whimpers.

SD:  MUMMMMMMM!  mi badd legg is cott up in my blanky.  hellp mea!!!

Me:(groggily) Shhhhhhhh little one.  (gently disentangles leg from blanky)

SD: thancs mum.  moar stroakings pleez.

Similar scenarios are repeated at roughly 20 minute intervals throughout the remainder of the night......

As a result of these nocturnal shenanigans, this morning I look and feel like the Wreck of the Hesperus.  Similarly, Small Dog isn't too bright either.  She has refused to take her painkiller medication, despite it being wrapped in all manner of delishus treats.  Even dissolved in a small dish of milk, usually her favourite tipple, she disdained to drink, turning slowly away from it with a look of sad resignation.

She has to walk for 3 x 5 minute intervals today, but when we stand her up she just flops over as if she's convinced that none of her legs are working, instead of just the one.  We had some visitors this morning and instead of racing to the door to greet them, as she normally would, she lay in her basket, weakly wagging her tail.

Hopefully, as the effects of the anaesthetic continue to wear off today, she will feel a bit better.

*fingers crossed*


dale's dreams said...

Oh, the poor thing! :(

and poor you! :(

I hope small dog recovers quickly for all your sakes!

Anonymous said...

Poor wee scrap. It's heartbreaking.

Kay :(

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Dale and Kay.....

I hate to see her so unlike her usual bouncy self. Fingers crossed that she feels much better tomorrow and in the days to come....


Susan said...

That is a bad first night. I hope things improve for both of you!