Monday, 7 November 2011

Small Dog's travails......

Small Dog is not a happy bunny.

She had to go to the vet today for X-rays on her luxating patella, which has been troubling her more of late.  Whilst under sedation, she also had her claws trimmed, ears plucked and anal glands evacuated.


It was with some trepidation that after several hours we went back to collect her, and to discuss the results of her X-rays.  Unfortunately the joint has degenerated, and there are early signs of arthritis.  In addition, her 'kneecap' is permanently disjointed, which means she cannot straighten her back leg and is very probably in constant discomfort.  Initially, several months ago, her vet had recommended that we treat the problem conservatively, with anti-inflammatory medication and rest.  However it hasn't worked and she is now being referred to an orthopaedic specialist with a view to operating on the leg.

It's a big operation for such a little dog and we're loath to put her through it, but her mobility is becoming restricted and she is very likely in some pain much of the time.

She's still a bit woozy and currently curled up in her basket by the radiator, recovering from the trauma.

Poor wee scrap.......



debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

poor baby, its so hard when your animals are poorly, they do not understand, I do hope she feels better soon, mini hugs

Susan said...

It is a big operation but these days usually successful.

One of my chihuahua babies was born with this problem, she had the surgery at 18 months of age. During surgery her main tendon was almost severed due to the tiny size of the dog compared to the surgical implements. With complete rest and much tlc this 'wild child' had a full recovery and continues her tempestuous career amongst the rest of her canine family.

Best wishes for Small Dog.

Sandra Morris said...

Debbie and Susan....
Thanks for the best wishes. I have passed your comments on to Small Dog who is feeling and looking much brighter today.


Anonymous said...

Deer Smorl Dog,
AI feel sow sorree for yoo.
Legges ar arful theengs wen thay gow rong.

Nevair mynd! Yoo wil bee rite as reyn wen it'z dun.

Ai am wunderfuel nouw. Ai kan doo evurytheeng I wont wiv mai leg...wel thay tel me it iz a hipp reely.

Gud look!
Luv DDxxxxx

Sandra Morris said...

Helow DD,
Thanc yoo fore yore mesij. i new yoo wude undrstanned.

i amm a bitt wurid abowt haven anoparashun. the VETT sed if i dident hav it dun, then wurst kais senariow mi legg mite hav two bea ampewtaitid!!!!!!! i neerli faynted ded awai whenn she sed that!

Butt i am goen two sea a speshul doktur cawled 'anorthapeedicksurjon' whoo speshulisis in lucksaten patelar, witch is whot i hav gott. aparentli.

mi mumz ar tromatysed two and thay hav bean givin me lots of stroakins and taistie tittbitts to gett mi apitight back.

i am gladd i hav gott a gude frend liek yoo DD.

yores afeckshonaitli

Karin F. said...

oh how sad! My heart goes out to all three of you.
big hugs

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Karin....
I'm hopeful that the surgery will be completely successful and that within a short time she'll be leaping around like a mad thing again.
In the meantime Small Dog is playing on our sympathy like nobody's business.

Our Life In A Caravan said...

Our old dog Chester aged 13 survived a 8 hr op to have his head pinned back on to his spine after being attacked by two dogs, he survived and made a full recovery! He only walked with a limp! Amazing! Insurance vet bill was £8000 !