Wednesday, 30 November 2011 action!

It's been a fairly frenetic few days.

Small Dog has regained her joie de vivre with a vengeance and is resolutely refusing to stick to the regime prescribed by the vet, ie no excessive exercise, no jumping, no running up or down stairs etc.  I'm assuming that her leg isn't causing her too much pain or she wouldn't be carrying on like an overwound clockwork toy.

In other news, December is just a few hours away and despite my best intentions I still haven't started my Christmas shopping.


In my defence, this is not entirely due to my woeful lack of organisation and planning, but also owes something to the fact that I've been rather pre-occupied with preparations for our first online workshop later today.  This has entailed exhaustive testing of my audio and video equipment, not to mention uploading information to the virtual classroom and generally making sure that I've done everything I can.

I have absolutely NO IDEA if the technology will work as it should, therefore my first students will be performing the role of guinea pigs.  I'm cautiously optimistic though, after my pre-class dress rehearsal earlier today, during which the sound and vision were exemplary, and the information displayed beautifully.

So, fingers crossed for later.....

If this initial class goes well, we will be offering a whole new programme of online classes starting in January.  I already have lots of ideas, but if there is anything you'd particularly like us to feature, do let me know and I'll see what I can do...... 

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Robin said...

It'll be great!!
So glad SD is bouncing again.