Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tempis fugit..........

So, here we are, halfway through November already.  Doesn't time fly?

I spent a large chunk of today doing battle with the toy shop lighting, the results of which can be seen over at my Miniature Christmas blog.

What I SHOULD have been doing was designing a new working marionette puppet, with strings and a proper wooden control thingy.  My first two prototypes were less than edifying but I'm determined to get it right and had a sort of 'Eureka' moment this morning, possibly prompted by Archimedes messing about in the puppet theatres.  I often find that the best way to unblock creative log-jams is to do something completely different, rather than bashing away at the problem indefinitely.

However, the whole lighting debacle took longer than I expected so I'm now debating whether to go back to my languishing marionette or call it a day and declare yardarm.

It's a tough call.


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