Friday, 30 March 2012

The incredible shrinking woman......

There isn't much to admire about many aspects of today's popular culture.  

Complete nonentities are feted as celebrities for doing little more than making a fool of themselvesIncreasing numbers of perfectly ordinary people seem to think that the world owes them a living and that working hard to achieve anything is a waste of time and effort.  Similarly, just saying that they want something, is sufficient for them to be fast-tracked to fame and fortune.

Even the most mundane and lack-lustre efforts are afforded the mythical status of  a 'journey', which is usually prefixed by 'amazing', as in

"OMG, I like, can't believe that I've gone, like, two whole days without a Gregg's's like I've been on an amazing journey."

So I'm not reporting the following with any more than a sense of quiet self-satisfaction and solemnly promise not to use any travel-related metaphors.

Since mid-January I've been on an amazing journey a weight loss diet.  In 12 weeks I've lost 16 lbs which is an average of just over a pound a week.  Some weeks more, some weeks less, but each week I've weighed less than the last.  

This, of course, is nothing startling or newsworthy.  It's not as if I've lost half my body weight, or dropped four dress sizes.  It's just slow, steady progress towards a goal which still seems a long way off.

Some days it's easier than others.  Not a smidgen of chocolate has passed my lips, I've had hardly any bread or cheese (all of which I love) and I have a minimum of 4 wine-free days a week.  I've even been extremely disciplined about my 30 minutes a day of Wii unFit. 

Given my adherence to the regime I'd hoped to have lost more, but accept that I have an uphill struggle as so many of my MS meds are notorious for causing weight gain so I'm swimming against the stream*.

*I didn't promise not to mix metaphors....*

Nevertheless, I've had to abandon several pairs of jeans which I can now slip down without undoing either button or zip, and am going to have to buy a new belt soon as even the tightest hole is becoming too loose.

I can now bend in the middle and am regaining some semblance of what I disparagingly call my waist.

I can't say that I notice a huge difference when I look in the mirror, and this is borne out by the fact that not one single person has said, unprompted, that I look slimmer, which is a tad disappointing given my commitment to the task for the past three months.

But, no matter.

Having come this far (see, no mention of journey there) and reaching one third of the way to my goal, I'm determined to stay the course and hopefully at the end of another six months I shall emerge triumphant, a slimmer and fitter me.

And here is proof positive of my progress to date... stage one of two.

I just love those little green dots....



Janey said...

Congratulations, especially since you;re on meds that make this more difficult! "They" (not the amazing people) say that slow weight loss is the only kind that lasts. Go buy a new pair of jeans!

Robin said...

Brilliant!! Well done you!!

Daphne said...

Good for you :D
I must say, I just found your blog and the beginning of this post had me laughing so hard I almost spilled my coffee, like, all over my keyboard. ahem, yes, that was an exaggeration, not that it wasn't funny - the problem being that it is all, sadly, true.