Saturday, 17 March 2012

Parting is such sweet sorrow.......

It looks as though our dream of moving house might possibly be edging imperceptibly closer, so I'm once again turning my thoughts to downsizing the contents of our good-sized 4 bedroomed house so that they will fit comfortably into a much smaller 2 bedroomed one.

This means taking some tough decisions on much-loved items such as my leather-topped yew desk with matching filing cabinets which take up an 8 foot run of wall space and are unlikely to fit into a dinkier house.

The same thing applies to my workroom, which as well as all of my work stuff, contains my toy shop, another corner shop, a conservatory and two room boxes, which poses something of a conundrum.

So, after much soul-searching and deliberation I have decided which I'll have to part with.

First up is my lovely toy shop, which has been featured in the Doll's House Magazine.  Full details of its genesis can be found in the early posts of this blog.  It has 6 rooms and I'm going to include all of the illuminated display shelving and shop fittings, heavy duty 12volt transformer, as well as the proprietor Albert Lowther, who is a sitting tenant.  Also included is the basement kit, which despite my best intentions is still in its unassembled form but which will provide an additional two rooms.  Not to mention a rather lovely 1/12th scale vintage delivery van.

The toys are NOT included.

There are lots of internal and external photographs of the shop in the magazine article HERE

I'm inviting offers in the region of £375 for the shop, all fixtures and fittings, transformer, Albert Lowther, additional basement kit and vintage delivery van so if anyone is interested in this unique building and all the extras (and can collect it from St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex as it is for pick up only!) please contact me for further details or to arrange a viewing.


Christine said...

It is such a pity that with all the positives, downsizing means some hard sacrifices.

Good luck with it all. :)

Robin said...

I can hardly imagine how you can bear to part with it - fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!!! Somone is going to SO love owning it.
I've done the downsizing hard!

Grey Area said...

When I bought this house - I was stuck up in Liverpool for several weeks and the estate agent kindly measured each room and sent me a plan, so I could decide which furniture would fit ( I was downsizing from a huge 3 storey victorian villa to a 2 bed cottage ) - seemed like a good idea at the time - but he added about 12 inches to every measurement, and as a consequence - not a single piece of furniture fitted, many things wouldn't even go through the door ( sofa and dining table ) and had to be disposed of. - I've spent 4 years and too much money replacing everything.

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks for all the helpful downsizing comments....

I know that we won't get one of our sofas OUT of this house easily, let alone into a smaller one and there is a huge wardrobe which will either have to be left in situ or chopped up with an axe as it won't easily dismantle and definitely won't fit down the stairs....