Friday, 2 March 2012 action!

Had to be up especially early this morning in anticipation of the arrival of the photographer from The Doll's House Magazine.

He's been here once before to take photos of my Victorian Toy Shop for an article in Christmas edition of the magazine a few years back, which also appeared on the cover.

On that occasion, Small Dog, in her role as Business Mascot, muscled in on the action and ended up with her photograph in the article too.

She's most definitely NO shrinking violet!

This time she kept well out of the way, apprehensive perhaps of the extensive array of equipment in evidence, as the aptly named Anthony Bailey (no relation I'm informed) took photos of my day nursery room setting for a DPS.

No. I didn't know what a DPS was either, until the blank expression on my face elicited the explanation that it refers to a Double Page Spread.

Of course it does.

How silly of me.

Anyways, the photos have been taken, all the equipment packed away, and calm has been restored.

Here's one corner of the nursery.......taken by me beforehand hence the less than perfect quality!

The son of the house, Aloysius St. John,  has ambitions to go on the stage one day.  Here he is sitting by his beloved Punch & Judy puppet theatre, rehearsing for the performance he is due to give to his sisters. Unfortunately he has misplaced his swazzle, without which the show cannot proceed.

I hesitate to suggest an interrogation of the usual suspect to identify the phantom swazzle swallower........



Irene said...

I'll look forward to getting that particular issue and I sincerely hope the swazzle turns up!!

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Irene....

I expect it will come out all right in the end.