Tuesday, 27 March 2012

March madness......

Another stunningly lovely day today..... clear blue skies and warm.  

Really warm.

Hot even.

Much hotter than I can ever remember in March.  Indeed up in Scotland, which is hardly renowned for its balmy climes, temperatures have been hitting all time highs and smashing previous records for March which were set way back in the 1950s.

I've spent 5 hours soft-cleaning today, and during my sanity breaks, sat out in the garden marvelling at how hot it was. 

Even Small Dog, on her daily constitutional was feeling the heat, and once back indoors fled to the cool sanctuary of her basket after downing half her water bowl.


I like weather like this as much as the next woman, but I like it IN ITS PLACE.  The weather is not behaving in a seemly manner.  March should be blowy, crisp, occasionally sunny, but never, ever HOT.

It's like one of those sci-fi films where the weather goes screwy and we all die due to drought, or tidal waves, or volcanic eruptions or similar.

Even if the Armageddon scenario doesn't play out (and here in East Sussex we already have a hosepipe ban) I have a feeling that we'll pay for this unseasonably early summer somewhere down the line.

Probably round about my birthday next month, when we're planning a caravan jolly with our camping friends.  Instead of spring-like April weather we'll have snow and hail, with the odd typhoon and thunderstorm thrown in for good measure and spend our time huddling in the caravan peering out at the rain-soaked landscape.

We're all doomed.

DOOMED I tells ye........


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Irene said...

I couldn't agree more! Gardening in a sleeveless T-shirt - for me - is unheard of but it happened yesterday and today. I usually feel every draught but it's been lovely up here - it certainly makes me wonder (like you) what's round the corner.

I hope whatever happens though that you get decent weather for your caravan jolly - you never know, we live in hope!