Friday, 13 July 2012

Dog tales..........

We have all survived Small Dog's visit to the vet for her annual booster jab and health check relatively unscathed.

Fortunately we saw our favourite vet, who is completely unfazed when Small Dog starts acting like a whirling dervish and manages to maintain her sense of humour regardless.

It was gratifying to learn that Small Dog's teeth are in very good condition, and that she has managed to retain all of them in contrast to most other Yorkies her age.

Similarly, the vet commented on how soft and silky her coat feels which was due to the grubby animal being doused with Wash & Go only this morning.

Small Dog is understandably reluctant to let anyone manipulate her back legs, but her speedy exit from the room confirmed that she was indeed walking well and using all four legs properly, signalling that both of her extremely expensive luxating patella surgeries this past year have been a success.

As for the actual injection itself ..... possibly tired out by simultaneously struggling for dear life and trying to somersault off the table, Small Dog didn't even batt an eyelid. 

Came away with worming tablets (ewww!) and a new type of flea/tick/lice collar for dogs which apparently gives all over protection for 8 months.

So, all in all, not too bad.


Small Dog's right to reply.....

helo evriwun

doo knott beleave a singel wurd mi mum sais. i amm kompleatli trommatized. 

ther is nuthing gude abowt goen two the vett.  it smels funi and ther ar alwais lots of uthr doggs houlin and kryen and karyen on.

Dispight this, i alwais trie two manetayn mi dignetee and keap up a stowick demeenurr.

i doant trusst vetts.  thay smiyl at yoo and sai gude girll but then thai stik ther fingrs in yore mowth or upp yore bum.  yoo hav too hoap its that wai rownd.  thenn thai startt benden yore leggs upp behynd yore bak two sea if thai wurk! on topp of awl that, thai shuv a sharpp needel rite in yore nek and sai "whoooaawww" when yue trie two biet them.

itt is animull krewellty.

Then ewsewali mi mumz hav two pai kwite a lott of muni so thayr inn a badd mude two.  i hav kno eydeah why thay do itt.

olso.... twodai thay bott me a fleekolr.  I AM KNOTT EVIN A KATT! 

sumtyms i dispayr of hewmanns.  i reeli do.

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