Thursday, 5 July 2012

Is it nearly the weekend yet.....?

I have felt decidedly under the weather this past week.  Extremely wobbly and not quite with it.  Most likely the episode in London last Thursday exacerbated my MS and subsequently triggered a whole riot of weird sensory symptoms and neuropathic pain.

As any fine work has been out of the question, I made a virtue of necessity and completed then submitted my tax return.  In normal circumstances I would have done a few celebratory laps of the garden but instead had to content myself with sitting quietly in the shade, enjoying a warm glow of self-satisfaction.

This morning though, for the first time in over a week, I felt much better and resolved to get back into the workroom, my creative muse having deserted me for the duration of my down time.  I can't claim that all of my creative juices were flowing.... it'll take me a day or two to get back into the swing of things, but it was good just to potter.

I'm also gearing myself up for trying to learn a new piece of software.  If I'm successful I'm giving serious consideration to buying a new piece of hardware, but I have an unfamiliar lexicon of technological gobbledegook to decipher and get to grips with first. 

How likely is that......?



PastMastery said...

Yes..I know all about being deserted by ones creative muse...8 weeks..I've been ill...8 weeks!

I was almost despairing and going to hit your little red button when suddenly the lungs cleared and I felt a lot better. I had pneumonia you see ) on top of my ordinary problems and then blow me...a dose of something gynae on top of that!

Bodies...who needs'em!

Isn't even as if it's a nice body.

SOOOO glad you are on the mend.

Unknown said...

hope you will soon feel better and your creative juices start running, its a buggar when your body says one thing yet in your head it says another,
take care

Sandra Morris said...


Pleased to hear you're finally feeling better.
8 weeks?! Sheesh!


Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Debbie....

Hopefully head and body will finally get their joint acts together sometime soon!