Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wet Wednesday.........

Since my last post I've been consumed with a series of mini crises.... both domestic and family related, which have kept me rather preoccupied.

Two brief examples - our washing machine, which has been limping along for several weeks, finally gave up the ghost on Monday, a day before the arrival of visitors all the way from Scotland.  This coincided with a mad dash to clear our guest bedroom of assorted offspring's 'stuff' to make room for our visitors, but inevitably resulted in a mountain of dirty laundry.
Bad timing and then some.

Monday was also the day that my daughter was due leave for her first foreign holiday in 7 years, but which was hanging in the balance after she sustained an insect bite over the weekend, which rapidly developed into cellulitis.  Several stints in hospital for IV antibiotics later and she did manage to get away, but it was touch and go right up to departure time.

Some semblance of normality has been achieved this afternoon though, and I've even managed a few hours in the workroom, so I'm feeling somewhat calmer than I did over the weekend.

We've had to bite the financial bullet and order a new washing machine, which will hopefully be delivered by the weekend and will be rigourously put through its paces clearing the laundry mountain.  

In other news, the weather remains schizophrenic..... sunshine one minute, horizontal rain the next.  It wouldn't surprise me one bit if it started raining frogs......


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