Sunday, 1 July 2012

That's the way to do it.....!!!

Continuing the theme of 'Where's our summer?' from previous posts, we thought it would be appropriate to showcase one of the Great British Summer's most celebrated seaside institutions.

So, bang on schedule, this morning we revealed our July Kit of the Month to coincide with a very special birthday.

This year marks the 350th anniversary of one of our best loved and most enduring entertainers......

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Full details are on our website HERE 

We have a limited number of kits and will not be repeating this project.  In other words, when they're gone, they're gone!

That's the way to do it....!!!


Catherine / Mooghiscath said...

Super ton théâtre et les marionnettes sont géniales !

Dave Williams said...

The Punch & Judy theatre is amazing, how on earth do you keep coming up with these ideas.

Sandra Morris said...

Merci beaucoup Catherine....


Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Dave....

I've no shortage of ideas, it's putting them into practice I struggle with...!


Neen said...

Sandra, how big is the theatre? I have been trying to create a miniature stage for a theater I built several years ago for one of the competitions. Your Punch and Judy stage is remarkable! You have managed to fit in most of the traditional stage components, which is hard to do. Your post also brought back memories of my English grandmother who used to talk of going to the seaside in the days between the wars. And you know I can't resist; is there a part for Small Dog? Best, Neen

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Neen....

The theatre measurements are:
Height (to top of theatre) 3"
Width 2"
Depth 1 1/4"

Small Dog is quite keen on the part of Toby Dog, especially as she'd get to wear a hat and ruff and bite Mr Punch on the nose!


Robin said...