Monday, 22 May 2017


Actually.... in all honesty, buggrit doesn't even come close.  Neither does 'tired'.
It's now exactly two weeks since work started on our shower room and the house descended into complete chaos.  

There's good news and bad news.

The good news is that the dust has settled.
The bad news is that it's over every horizontal surface in the house.

As of Thursday last week, work on the shower room was finally finished, following the installation of a second shower unit after the first one didn't work.  It's really lovely.... all new and shiny and joy to behold.

However, the mess and upset throughout the rest of house has intensified tenfold, as we're going to tackle three of the bedrooms. 

I decided to start with the smallest one first, which will be our little granddaughter's room when she comes to stay.  It's very small, tiny really, but I've spent most of the past 6 days failing to get it finished.  

I'll gloss over the half a day I struggled to get my overlocking machine to play ball in order to cut down a spare single duvet and alter a duvet cover to make a cot-sized duvet and pillowcase set.  

Similarly, I'll sidestep the issues around re-upholstering the little nursing chair, which seemed like a good idea at the time.  I've stopped swearing at it for the time being but only while I wait for a pack of upholstery tacks to arrive through the post.

Altering a pair of curtains to fit took the best part of a whole day as I had to deconstruct then re-construct them, hand sew then carefully press and hang them, although they do now look absolutely lovely.

Making my own chalk paint seemed like a good idea at the time too, but I wish I'd stuck to Annie Sloan's as the organgey pine dressing table and EIGHT drawers *sigh* took four coats of paint instead of just two, so that was another two whole days.

It just seems that EVERY task I tackle, no matter how small, ends up taking loads more time than I anticipate, or something goes badly wrong, which further saps my flagging energy and enthusiasm.

Anyways.... I'll probably manage to get the chair finished on Thursday when the tacks arrive. Plus tomorrow I'll make some cushions.... love a bit of cushion making.  

However as next weekend is a Bank Holiday I'm intending Doing. Absolutely. Nothing.

No painting
No sewing
No upholstering
No cleaning

No matter the weather it will be a supremely LAZY weekend.  I can hardly wait.....

In the meantime I'm going to revisit my To Do list....


DollMum said...

one step at a time to get back some calm in the midst of the decorating chaos. I hope you enjoy your restful weekend when it arrives.

Sandra Morris said...

It's been a bit one step forward, three steps back, which is frustrating, but yes, it will all come out right in the end.
As for our restful weekend... it's already looking to be less than restful, but in a good way :)