Monday, 15 May 2017

Tether. End of.....

Day 8 in the Robsack Avenue house and things are going from bad to worse. 

This may be primarily because we're flagging physically, mentally and emotionally, after over a week of moving stuff from A to B, then to D, then back to B, then to C......  yes it really has been that tortuous.

The good news is that the big futon/bunk high sleeper bed sold on Saturday when a very nice chap came along, saw it, bought it, dismantled it, loaded it onto the roof of his car and took it away.   Which then left space to move my lovely desk from the smallest spare bedroom, into the second smallest spare bedroom, freeing up the smallest spare bedroom to be transformed into a lovely room for our little granddaughter, aka Gigglefidget.

An 'orange' pine dressing table from the second smallest spare room has been moved into the smallest spare room, in preparation for a chalk paint makeover, along with a lovely little antique nursing chair, the ornate back of which I've repaired, and removed the tattered upholstery.  It too will be upcycled and I have some lovely fabric with which to re-upholster the seat.

So far, so exhausting.

The plumbers left on Friday afternoon, having installed the shower and toilet, leaving just the extractor fan, wash basin and illuminated mirror to finish off today.  Along with any snagging we discovered over the weekend.

We then had to paint one and a half walls, which PP carried out over Saturday and Sunday, as well as attempting to cover up the water stains on the sitting room ceiling.

We had been so looking forward to trying out the shower on Saturday morning, in our gleaming shower room, all shiny and new.


For some reason the water pressure was so low that only a trickle emerged from the shiny new shower head, so showering was next to impossible.  Similarly, on close inspection there were several other things which weren't quite right (16 to be exact!)  including a squeaky loo seat, some gaps in the grouting, and a patch of clear silicone mastic on the bedroom carpet, in plain view right inside the door, despite their use of dust sheets.

He's back again today, huffing slightly at the length of the snagging list.  Although when we demonstrated the trickle from the shower he readily agreed it was pathetic and after lengthy investigations he's decided to replace the shower valve completely.

Other excitement today arrived in the form of next door's extremely lively beagle puppy who managed to somehow get into our 'dogproof' garden, presumably by scaling the fence. When we spotted him he was frantically running round and round the garden, jumping off walls and over shrubs and plants, trying to get home.  I tried to catch him but he was having none of it, so we had to call in his owner to retrieve him.  He's a big, strong dog for an 8 month old puppy, and I've seen her running along behind him while 'walking him' down the road. Small Dog, who regularly 'talks' to him through the hedge quickly made herself scarce when she realised he was bounding around the garden, and when he was led through the house she bravely remained in her basket in the office as he bounced off the walls on his way out.

In other news, I've cleared off the dining room table to make room for my sewing machine as over the next few days I'll be altering an amazing pair of curtains for Gigglefidget's room, as well as making a duvet cover, cushion covers and cot bumper.


Just over 2 weeks left in this month and we'd recklessly assumed that most of the refurb/makeover works would be done and dusted by the end of May.  However I don't think that will happen.   Almost all of my 'get up and go' has got up and left so I'll have to carefully ration my remaining, rapidly diminishing energy reserves in order to avoid an MS flare up, which could take months to recover from.

So at the moment I'm just gritting my teeth and repeating the following mantra:

It will all be lovely when it's finished.  
It WILL all be lovely when it's finished. 
It will ALL be lovely when it's finished.
It will all be LOVELY when it's finished.
It will all be lovely WHEN it's finished.
It will all be lovely when it's FINISHED!!!!!

Now where did I put that corkscrew.........

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