Thursday, 11 May 2017

Can't see the wood for the trees......

Day 3 in the Robsack Avenue house.

Small Dog, Sandra and PP are holed up in the office, while work continues on the shower room.  

Small Dog is unused to the house resounding to the noise of heavy duty power tools, hammers and burly men barreling up and down the stairs.  Not to mention their dubious tasted in music.  

PP was fortunate to be out of the house all day yesterday, while the tilers were doing their stuff.  Between the teeth-jangling noise of electric tile cutting machines, and the 'nails down a blackboard' screeching of the manual one, plus the incessant thumping of some form of mashed up heavy metal/house/garage/shed music blaring from a tiny, tinny little radio, SD and I were reduced to cowering downstairs trying to block out the din.  SD was somewhat more successful than me, burying herself under her duvet and blankie in the office, while I took refuge in the workroom, with Radio 4 for company.

There was no respite in the garden either, as our neighbours are having their patio done and the builders next door were using a power jack hammer and slab thunker plus a vibrating plate type thingy which sent pulses of energy thrumming through the house.

So all in all, not a relaxing day.

That said, I did manage to complete the following trio....

1/12th Red Riding Hood, 1/24th Red Riding Hood and Pullalong Toy Wolf

The wolf got a bit antsy when he discovered that he was going to have a bell around his neck. But that was as nothing compared to his face when he saw what he would be wearing.

Wolf: *incredulously* Whoa!!! What. Is. THAT?
Me: *soothingly* It's a lovely silk cloak.  Now you won't be cold in the woods.
Wolf: *scathingly* I have a thick fur coat.  I NEVER get cold in the woods.  Plus it's bright red!  I'll never live it down.  How can I hold up my proud and noble head in wolf society if I go out wearing that?
Me: It's just a bit of fun.  You know.... dressing up.  Like a game.
Wolf: The only type of game I like has feathers or fur.  Do I look like a cross dresser to you?
Me: Well.... that's not the point is it.  Just work with me on this.  It'll all be fine, I promise.
Wolf: *mutter, mumble*  Someone will pay for this, so help me Wolf.

Eventually he agreed to play along, although he categorically refused to allow me to tuck in his ears, arguing, quite reasonably I thought, that if he had to do the "What big ears you have" thing it wouldn't work if his ears were tucked under his hood.
By the end of his makeover he was twirling and pirouetting, admiring himself in the mirror, and totally rocking his new look.

He even agreed to a photoshoot with the little girl in Red Riding Hood fancy dress costume, and her tiny wee toy doll.  🙂


Anne Green said...

It's the lace trim on the hood of your stunning red silk cape, Mr. Big Bad Wolluf. It's the lace. You look so sweet and loveable.

SD, have you seen that silly woof? Not a real woof, mind you. It's a Big. Bad. Wolluf. Mighty scary he is.


Sandra Morris said...

SD - He will never live it down!