Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Good for what ails me......

We all know the feeling.

Despite our best efforts, things keep getting out of hand.  Small, insignificant problems multiply and coalesce to form a seemingly insurmountable cat's cradle of 'buggrits'.  

Well, today that's me that is.

Can't progress with the nursing chair project until the upholstery tacks arrive.
Haven't got the energy to start painting the bedroom.
Feeling a bit meh and demotivated.

So, today I'm taking a sabbatical and shall be doing what restores my happy.



I'm going to make BUNTING!

I don't know why I didn't think of it before.  I've been scouring the internet trying to find a suitable wall frieze for Gigglefidget's room makeover.  I even resorted to messaging an Ebay seller in the US who has a roll of vintage wallpaper border for sale to see if they could see their way to sending it by ordinary airmail delivery, instead of having it hand delivered by a fairy riding a relay team of golden unicorns.  Or at least that's the mode of delivery which the completely extortionate cost of shipping suggested.  

They didn't respond.


BUNTING!  Yayyyy!!!

I have several large pieces of the wonderful fabric leftover from altering the curtains, which feature perfect, bunting-sized character illustrations.

I've blogged about my bunting obsession before (most notably HERE!)  I'm not talking about slipshod slapdash bunting, cut out of fabric using pinking shears.

Or even, perish the thought, cut from printed card and stapled onto a length of ribbon.

No by no nonny no!

The bunting of which I speak is carefully measured, lovingly cut, beautifully lined, meticulously turned and pressed, perfectly aligned then finally painstakingly stitched into cotton twill tape.  The entire process makes my heart sing.

So.... today I shall mostly be making bunting.

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