Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sneak preview.....

I'm sure some of you are thinking....

"Well, Sandra... it's all very well and good all this DIY and house stuff, but when are you actually going to do some REAL work?!?!?!"

Good question.
Very perceptive.
Gets right to the nub of the matter.

And my response would be ...

"WTF?  I only have one pair of hands and can only be in one place at any given time.  
Bunting don't make themselves you know!

However, in my defence, although I haven't been able to spend an entire day in the workroom since the whole shower room/bedrooms mallarkey makeover began, I have been sneaking in there for the odd hour or so in an attempt to hang on to what remains of my sanity.

I've been working on my swansong workshop pack.  Yes, you heard it here first folks.  I'm using the next 11 months to completely re-organise and gradually wind down Tower House Dolls. Thereafter it will cease to exist.

I will continue my creative life in some other form but next year THD will be 30 years old.


And next year I will be 60 years old.


And yes, there is a pleasing synchronicity to having lived half my life doing something I love so much.  But I feel it is time to move on.

So, over the coming year there will be a variety of swansong projects, all leading towards a grand finale, around the time of my birthday.

Anyways, this last ever workshop pack will be a doozer.  It will be ready for release this autumn and will be limited to just TEN packs.   I posted in February last year about my plans and my Rule of Ten for kits and I've stuck to it since.

So, just ten it shall be.

I can't reveal the whole thing, as it is still a work in progress, but here is a sneaky, sneak preview.....

L'atelier de la Poupée Vignette
Some time ago now, I commissioned this 1/12th vignette kit from Nick Day of Treacle Lane
(he also supplied kits for my Parisian Kiosk workshop at CMW last October, and the      
wonderful Travelling Toy Theatre Cart kits which I've used for Little Red Riding Hood)

It's been a l-o-n-g while in the planning, as I want it to be very special, but over time I've been 
gradually working on all the many, many elements which will will be included with it.

The laser cut wooden vignette can be decorated as you wish (lots of options will be available) 
and will be filled to overflowing with all manner of miniature delights to create a miniature 
dollmaker's workroom, including all furnishings and accessories... and dolls.  Lots of different 
tiny dolls.

I'm really quite excited about it, and will reveal more information as it develops so watch this


elly in amsterdam said...

Hope this is going to be available via mail , as well !

Sandra Morris said... will only be available via mail order! Although I will be offering an online tutorial to accompany it :)

Megan Wallace said...

Sometimes a change is good, especially when one has been doing the same thing for a while (or half one's life, goodness!) but we will surely miss your dolls. I hope that you will continue writing a blog and tell us about your new adventures.

Sandra Morris said...

Megan... ah the blogosphere won't get rid of me THAT easily! ;)

rosanna said...

SO cute !!
Change is good, i am looking forward to it myself. I have been working in the same place for the last 26 years, may be when it will be 30 I'll have the courage to start a new career
BTW I am glad that I have one of your dolls and a little tiger pullalong :o)

Sandra Morris said...

Rosanna.... they do say that a change is as good as a rest! Sx

Daydreamer said...

I really like the looks of this kit! It will be sad to see the end of THD! But certainly you deserve to have a change! Retirement starts to sound pretty good from where I sit.... except they have moved the age for collecting benefits to older than 67 over on this side of the pond! Like Rosanna, I am glad I have some of your tiny dolls!

Sandra Morris said...

Betsy..... I'm determined that the dollmaker's workshop pack will be my best ever. Has to be really if it's the last ever!
I can't retire fully till I'm 66 as the rules were changed for UK women born in the 1950s TWICE!!! Taking even semi early-retirement will be challenging and require some major lifestyle changes and very possibly a house move too!! Sx

Clare Wright said...

What a gorgeous kit idea Sandra! I'll be really interested in this.

Sorry to hear that this is the end for THD though, only wish I'd discovered your blog earlier!

Wishing you the very best of luck for the new venture and looking forward to reading all about it. Will Small Dog finally get her promotion? :)

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Clare :)

I still have the best part of a whole year to go so THD will be around for a little while yet.

Likewise, I'm sure that Small Dog will end her illustrious career in a position befitting her many and varied skills and talents.... ;)