Monday, 2 June 2008


Yesterday did NOT go well and frustration abounds!

The shed debacle over the weekend left no time for anything productive workwise and we had a major deadline.........submitting some advertising copy for inclusion in The Doll's House Magazine.

It SHOULD have taken an hour at most yesterday morning as we already had the images and only had to overlay the text, get it to the correct size and save it as a JPEG.

Of course life is never that simple and in the end it took all day and we made the copy deadline with only 30 minutes to spare. However the text in the web banner advert apparently was a bit too pale so we had to quickly re-do, another 30 minute job which ended up taking several hours.

Small dog is disgusted with the lack of attention she's had and is resolutely ignoring us, only perking up when go into the kitchen, presumably hoping that we're going to start preparing her dinner.

To compound matters we have discovered that after some heavy showers yesterday we have a sizeable puddle at the back of the new shed which, as we haven't yet sealed around the base yet, could cause a problem.

It never rains but it pours.

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