Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday again............

And so farewell to yet another week.

Although I have to work through the weekend so I don't have a particularly happy 'Friday afternoon feeling'.

Really busy week though, setting up new computer, taking delivery of materials for new projects, catching up with orders, trying to restore calm in an extremely messy workroom and generally attempting to achieve order from disorder.

Yet another clearout in the workroom yielded a whole black bin bag full of rubbish. I honestly have no idea where it all comes from. Also you would think that having cleared out so much useless stuff there would be spaces where it had all been.
But no..........I can see no evidence of empty spaces. I think all the other stuff shuffles across to fill any gaps. It's all a bit dispiriting really *deep sigh*.

So, according to the countdown timer on my desktop, it's only 176 days till the Christmas Festival, and I'd better get cracking if I have any hope of getting even half of my ideas for new toys, games and dolls off the drawing board (or ideas list) and into reality. Just the thought of it has me hyperventilating.

Why doesn't life come with a 'pause' button..........................?

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