Sunday, 29 June 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel...........

Of course, the old adage about there being light at the end of tunnel can be qualified by adding that it is most probably the the headlights of an oncoming train.............

Which very neatly describes my outlook on life recently.

With only 160 days till the Kensington Christmas Festival, progress on new projects has been fitful to say the least. I have at least half a dozen ongoing projects on my work desk at present, none of them even remotely finished.

So I'm feeling a bit fed up.

By comparison, Perfectionist Partner has been working her fingers to the bone and produced some really lovely little pullalong toys which are just to die for.

In my defence, I do have one very exotic zebra on my work mat, very nearly finished, but not quite. He still has to have his metal wheels chassis and his metal pull tube attached to the wooden platform, which necessitates me mixing some two part epoxy resin glue to cope with joining two such different materials.

This is just one of my most dreaded tasks.

We use one of those double 'glue tube' efforts, which is supposed to dispense equal amounts of each substance, which are then mixed together. For some reason, I never seem to get equal amounts, so the resulting glue can remain tacky for ages, and manages to transfer itself to everything it shouldn't. Even small dog doesn't escape unscathed and has occasionally found herself all punked up with Araldite, after an absent-minded pat from me.

Still, a new month is dawning, and I generally get a surge of creativity at the beginning of a month, so hopefully my work ethic will regroup and I'll get back in the creative saddle.

For the present, I give you PP's latest pullalong creations.............

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