Sunday, 8 June 2008

Scary stuff.........

We have a new computer.

It's sitting on the floor in the study/office, looking all sleek and black and scary.

It's a bit of a powerful and fast that I fancy I can almost hear it growling, even though it's only been unpacked from its delivery box and isn't connected up to anything as yet.

Apparently it's a state of the art video editing and DVD production machine, which will take raw video and transform it effortlessly into sleek and professional DVDs.

Or will do when we pluck up the courage to disconnect the life support system of our hopelessly slow and out of date current machine, and set up the new one. This of course necessitates the backing up of all important work and personal files from the old one, a process which I undertook when my old laptop died suddenly a month or so back.

I'm sure it will all go swimmingly well and the installation of all necessary software and peripherals will be an absolute breeze.


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