Tuesday, 24 June 2008

In Business..........

Every now again, I have to try to regain control of the chaos, and call a 'Business Meeting'.

More usually I call for a 'Business Breakfast', which sounds much less pretentious and has the added benefit of being able to scoff brioche or pain au chocolat. Purely to keep our blood sugar levels up you understand. *ahem*

Anyway, these business breakfasts rarely achieve what I expect. We make a few lists, discuss a few projects, lick the crumbs off the plates, and the meeting is usually declared over.

This week however, small dog, who revels in the role of Business Mascot (although she could be more accurately described as a sleeping partner) insisted on being present at the meeting to uphold her voting rights, and put forward her point of view.

Small dog's point of view normally involves more biscuits during tea breaks and the like, but today she stunned us with a truly innovative and ground-breaking idea.

Dog-Eared Dolls

Apparently this is stunningly simple in concept. Basically, according to small dog, it would work like this:
  1. I design, make and dress a doll
  2. Doll is passed over to small dog, who then subjects it to a 'secret' process
  3. Result - one Dog-Eared Doll
She would not be drawn on the technicalities of this 'secret' process, which she insisted would have to take place in the depths of her carry basket, away from prying eyes and potential competitor espionage, but she is adamant, that this new range would be unique and very, very exclusive, appealing to the discerning collector.

As we are a democratic organisation, we will be putting her proposal to a secret ballot, but small dog seems quietly confident that she will win a landslide victory and is already making arrangements to transform her carry basket into a workroom.

This is rather presumptuous in my opinion, but her idea should not be dismissed out of hand........or paw, so we shall see.

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