Monday, 23 June 2008


Mondays at the best of times can be a trial, but today beat all records for aggravation and frustration.

This also applies for small dog, who had to visit the vet today for her annual booster vaccination. She always undergoes a strange metamorphosis when her paws cross the threshold of the vet's waiting room, and her previous jaunty trot becomes hesitant and unwilling. She practically has to be dragged into the consulting room and once on the examining table sits as close to us as she can, trembling and apprehensive, desperately seeking an escape route.

Nevertheless, she was extremely good throughout the examination, despite being poked and prodded all over, then having the injection in the scruff of her neck. After that she was out the door like a shot, gazing reproachfully at us all the way home.

Not only that.........she still hasn't forgiven us for the Great Trek on Saturday...........

However, at least her ordeal today was over quickly. Ours lasted all day and is still going on.

We've lost a vital software program which needs to be installed on the new computer. Without it we can't do anything to the Tower House Dolls website, no updates, no maintenance......nothing.

We know it has to be in the office somewhere, and today we literally took the room apart, drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf, box by no avail. We can't find the disk anywhere. We've even resorted to looking in the most unlikely places, just in case.

So a whole day wasted...........

Ok so the office has had a good clear out, and I've filled several recycling bags with paper waste, but of the essential disk there is no sign. It has clearly vanished into the ether.

Leaving us with a major conundrum.

Because, as you all soon as we buy a replacement, the missing disk will suddenly re materialise. Probably in a place which has already been searched thoroughly a dozen times.

Life's like that.

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