Saturday, 14 June 2008

The joy of spreadsheets............

Ok, ok.

So maybe I should get out more.

But after having spent the last few hours trying to get my organiser/planner/task scheduler up and running by way of Word and Publisher, I finally had no alternative but to turn to Excel and set up a spreadsheet.

Which, if you remember was what I had planned to do initially anyway.

But, I associate spreadsheets with numbers, and if you read way back you will remember that I suffer from dyscalculia, an incurable and occasionally incapacitating impairment of mathematical ability due to an organic condition of the brain. Therefore I tend to avoid spreadsheets like the plague.

However, they have useful tools like individual pages for different categories, and they will sort things in alphabetical order, plus they make adding up really easy. So I thought, why not give it a go...........nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I now have a very nifty set of worksheets, all colour coded and everything, one for each category of toy or game, with sub-categories, all in alphabetical order and accessible with one click.

So I'm feeling quite pleased with myself...........all organised and ready to start. I might even print them out and laminate them.........or would that count as displacement activity?
Hm, not sure about that.............

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ellyodd said...

If you ever want to talk to other dyscalculics, go to :)