Thursday, 19 June 2008

Back on track............

I am pleased to report that after my tennis slip-up on Tuesday, I have been beavering away since then, multitasking fit to bust.

Today I completed El Mysterioso, who will be showcased on the Diminutive Dolls website in July. He is a very young magician, whose sleight of hand and feats of prestidigitation elicit gasps of surprise and delight from everyone who witnesses his performances. What he doesn't know about producing rubber chickens out of thin air just isn't worth knowing.

However, the trouble with tangential projects is that they spawn even more unusual ideas. My list of 'curiosities and oddities' is growing exponentially so unless I discover a way to shoehorn an extra 6 hours into each day I will have to seriously cut back on my ideas list.

In other news, small dog is beside herself at the news that we are going camping tomorrow over the weekend, to enjoy the summer solstice in the bucolic splendour of the East Sussex countryside. She has already packed her collar and lead, plus a squeaky toy in case things are too quiet and taken up her position by the front door so that she doesn't inadvertently get left behind. I have suggested to her that this is unlikely, given the fact that every time anyone goes out into the camper van she sneaks out and claims her place on the passenger seat, but she is nevertheless undaunted.

So, all being well, photos of small dog in full summer solstice camping mode will be available after this short intermission......................................

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