Sunday, 25 October 2009

Creative chaos........

I have been hard at work all weekend refining and improving my little 3-D toy theatre and in the process I've even added lighting to it to properly illuminate the interior!

I am SO pleased with it and will make a little showcase video of it this week so I can share it with you.

Of course all I need to do now is make a few more for my next fair in two week's time so absolutely no pressure there then.

That's in addition to completing all the miniature toys which were in the making last week when I decided to have a go at the theatre, including several little toy perambulators and some whimsical pullalong toys.

However, before I do anything else I am going to have to sort out my desk, which currently looks like this........

How I ever manage to find anything, let alone actually work in that mess is a complete mystery even to me.

Eventually, when only a few square inches of clear space remain, I have to take time out to tidy it all up and put stuff away.

Then the whole process begins all over again.

I try to put a positive spin on it and describe it as 'creative chaos' but even I have to admit that it's not a sensible way to work.

So if I can spend the next hour or so tidying up in the workroom then at least I can start fresh again tomorrow.

Sounds like a plan..........


Debbie said...

I Know that feeling of a cluttered work space.I normally end up with just enough space on my tile to work. In comparison your desk looks postively spotless...LOL
Looking forward to seeing your Theatre..

julie campbell said...

Hello Sandra :0) cant wait to see the video , especially now I know lights are planned too ! I'm just in from my shed where chaos is just about reined in for the night, the heat is definitely on with the last of the years fairs looming but I'm sort of enjoying it :0)
Think a lot of us are working flat out right now , good luck keeping that desk in check over the next two weeks !
julie xxx

Sandra Morris said...

Debbie, I am just hopelessly untidy.
By this time tomorrow my desk will be as bad as ever again.

Julie, are you doing Charmandean and/or KDF too?
I am sooooo looking forward the end of next month when I can relax following the fairs and start to prepare for the festive season.