Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Early doors...........


That's it!

I'm downing tools for the day having been hard at it with no breaks since this morning.

Also it's really cold and dismal so I've just clicked the heating on a bit early and am looking forward to a deliciously warming chicken casserole courtesy of our new slow-cooker. Hopefully the chicken will just fall off the bone having been cooked very slowly for 6 hours, spreading a mouthwatering aroma throughout the house all day. I've even been exceptionally frugal and cooked enough for two meals with the intention of freezing some for a future date.

Small Dog has been snuggled down in her basket, occasionally venturing out to accompany me into the kitchen to assess the progress of the casserole. If she is VERY lucky she might just get some with her dog biscuits later........


Debie Lyons said...

Its dark and dismal here in Brum too. Mmmmmmm chicken that falls off the bone.
Tease LOL

Debie xxxxxxx

DollMum said...

You're making me hungry while I wait for our M&S chicken & leek pie to finish cooking (no time for home made casserole during the week unfortunately).
Agree about today's weather - well and truly dull autumn day.

Sandra Morris said...

DollMum, you absolutely need a slow cooker. Prepare everything the night before, chuck it all in the slow cooker next morning then leave it to cook on low all day.

Come early evening, voila! A lovely home cooked meal with no last minute panic.

I'm a convert....