Saturday, 31 October 2009

Halloween shenanigans........

We were supposed to be away camping this weekend, but the combination of a gloomy weather forecast and being way behind on work have put the kibosh on our plans.

Which means that for the first time in several years we will be at home for Halloween. This year we are battening down the hatches and refusing to open the door to the hordes of trick or treaters who will descend as soon as it's dark.

Hopefully, the fact that we haven't been here for the past few Oct 31 will mean that there is no expectations of us being here tonight, and we will be overlooked in the Halloween frenzy.

It's our own fault.

We had become victims of our own success.

The first few years we were here we did the whole nine yards....... making up bags of scary sweets, dressing up in horrible masks, draping a black sheet over one of us so that only the mask was visible, lit from underneath by a small torch, atmospheric scary soundtrack (beating heart, creaking door, terrified screams etc) playing loudly as we opened the door and silently held out a black-gloved hand with the requisite number of treat bags.

Some of the younger, more impressionable trick or treaters are probably still traumatised by the memory.

Anyway, word of our dramatics spread like wildfire round the Halloween community and year on year we had more and more visitors until we were spending a small fortune on liquorice worms and snakes, gobstopper eyeballs, witch claw chews etc, not to mention the hours then spent bagging them all up and scarifying the entrance porch.

Tonight we will be closing the blinds, locking the door, switching off the porch lights and resolutely ignoring the doorbell.

I intend to to be the Halloween equivalent of Ebenezer Scrooge

Bah humbug............


rosanna said...

Sandra, I got it !!! the tiger will come at my house. Thank you very very much Rosanna

Sandra Morris said...

I am sooooo pleased you won it Rosanna!

Well done....... :-)