Thursday, 22 October 2009


Despite the relatively inauspicious start to today, it has ended on a relatively high note as I have successfully completed a prototype 3-D theatre room box.

Having made every conceivable mistake in the prototype, the next version can now be adjusted to create a perfect little theatre. I'm really quite pleased with it, and am already thinking of how to improve it, perhaps even installing a tiny micro light!

That's the problem with prototypes.......they inevitably spawn bigger and better ideas. Or perhaps in my case that should be smaller and better ideas.

Now all I have to do is refine and improve the prototype in time for the first fair next month.

Just over two weeks away

No pressure there then...

Incidentally, while I was engaged in some research earlier today, I came across this little gem from the 1920's.



rosanna said...

I love this movie and I cannot wait to see yours. A friend of mine, painter Guido Zibordi Marchesi used to buil mini theatre in 1700 style complete in any detail of amazing beauty. If a can manage a pic I shall send it to you.Have a nice evening Rosanna

kathi said...

This is great! I remember playing with a box and using paper dolls in a scene I made out of things I found outside. Thanks for the memories!