Friday, 30 October 2009

Flu party.............

I had my seasonal flu jab this morning.

Having an immune system that is intent on destroying itself has few advantages, and queuing up in our GP's surgery for a flu jab certainly isn't one of them.

However, this year I noticed that a special effort had been made to inject some party spirit into the proceedings. Brightly coloured posters festooned the windows and walls, and cheery bunting flags decorated the reception area, all extolling the virtues of having the vaccination.

The party atmosphere was augmented by the fact that everyone was wearing 'easy access' straps seductively slipping off the shoulder tops.

Even the men.

We formed a reasonably orderly queue and the cheery nurse jabbed each of us in was just like being back in school except we didn't get a lollipop afterwards.

I also enquired about the swine flu jab, as having MS puts me in the priority group for that. I'm a bit nervous about being in contact with thousands of possibly germ-riddled visitors to the two fairs, so wanted to ensure that I had the vaccination before next weekend, if at all possible.

However Hastings must be right down the bottom of the immunological pecking order for swine flu vaccine deliveries, as GPs won't get their deliveries until the 11 November. So I'll just have to take my chances till then.

Incidentally, apparently scientists have successfully created an anthropomorphic representation of the swine flu virus in order to fully test the efficacy of the vaccine...........


Anonymous said...

Hey - what do you think you are doing posting a picture of my husband without either his or my permission?


Debie Lyons said...

Here is hoping that you dont get it and that you stay healthy. WOW some talented person did a really good job with that pig thingy.
Debie xxx

rosanna said...

I hope you won't get it! here it is all the rage, in my son's classroom there has bee 12 cases out of 24 kids but it was not the worst one.
Anyway I got it and I only had shivers, bitter cold and headache. Matteo has done things proper and got very high temp for 4 days. But he survived. Cover yourselves, clean any surface you get in touch with and cross fingers. Big hugs and have a great time at the fairs Rosanna
PS the word verification is UNCTO, in Latin it can be translated as "infected" Funny, isn't it?

Sandra Morris said...

Joyce, I just choked on my tea!

Actually, he's quite a looker isn't he?

Sandra Morris said...

Fingers crossed here too Debie and Rosanna! Now that winter is on the way it's predicted that there will be a huge rise in cases of swine flu and I most definitely DON'T want to be one of them....

Deep Squeaker said...

That may, just possibly, be one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen.

*books therapy session*