Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Tiger, tiger, burning bright.....................

I've been a bit obsessed by tigers lately.

This is probably due to working on a couple of Indian and Snow Tiger pullalong toys this week, which are finally nearing completion.

Not to mention further trying to hone my video making skills by producing another short video for my current Ebay listing. They're still taking an age to do, and there are still many, many things I could do better, but Rome, as they say, wasn't built in a day.

So here is my latest effort...

Clicking HERE will take you straight to the Ebay auction. I'm planning to list a different miniature toy on Ebay every Sunday till Christmas, all starting and finishing around 7.30pm BST.

In other news, worryingly, my fairs 'to do' lists don't seem to be diminishing at all, no matter how many tasks I manage to tick off. Prep will likely go right to the wire next Friday, by which time whatever isn't done, isn't going to be.

*heartfelt sigh*

Right, it's 5 o'clock, almost pitch black outside, so time to down tools for the day.

PS - I haven't forgotten about the little 3-D theatre and will try to make a showcase video tomorrow.


rosanna said...

Sandra, Matteo and I love it from its nose to its tail tip. I love the music too, Nutcracker has always been a favourite of mine. Congrats, it's really a masterpiece. Rosanna

Debie Lyons said...

Wonderful Sandra, good luck with the auction. Looking forward to the theatre.
Debie xxx

Sans said...

Saw the word "Indian" and clicked through immediately. That is amazing work, Sandra. Today is also bills paying day (usually aghast at what I have spent!!) or I would be tempted to put in a bid myself. Would have been great for my palace.

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks for all your votes of confidence.......the whole video thing is a work in progress but with a definite end in mind.
My learning curve has been vertical!

Anonymous said...

Your video is a brilliant idea. I have a Cheetah that I bought from you and I examined it closely when I got it but I didn't notice the "jewels" on the wheels. It was only when I watched your video and then compared mine with the video that I noticed the sparklies on the wheels.

Proof that I at least saw more from watching your video than I did by actually examining my cheetah when I got it.

It is a superb idea.