Thursday, 22 October 2009

Seconds out......round 2!

Feeling marginally less sub-human today, thanks to an ad hoc, and probably inadvisable, concoction of neuropathic painkillers, carefully calculated to deal with the worst of the pain without rendering me incapable of coherent speech or giving me a gait like Lurch from the Addams Family.

So, I am currently girding my loins for another session with the scanner in an attempt to further refine the elements of my new 3-D toy theatre.

A fellow blogger, who knows about these things, suggested that the scanning settings were all to pot, hence the large scan size, slow speed etc. I have no doubt he's right. However I am absotively, posilutely certain that I had selected the correct settings. In fact, when scanning to print, which was the case yesterday, it is only possible to scan at 300dpi. Not only that, I didn't even have it on photo setting, as I was scanning a coloured line drawing/illustration.

I have come to the conclusion that not only is the printer/scanner incompetent. It is also malicious and possibly possessed.

I'll give it another go today and if it doesn't cooperate and repent of its wicked ways, I've decided I'm going to have to 'rehabilitate' it.



Anonymous said...

Leave your blog postings somewhere handy so your scanner can read how upset you are with it.
Chances are it will be quaking in its whatever scanners quake in.
Point out to it that scanners are very cheap to buy now and that they sit in PC World all trying to look like they are the best and "please buy me".
Don't take any of its nonsense. Let it know you are the boss and that is looks to be a long cold winter on the tip if it doesn't behave.

Debie Lyons said...

LOL Sandra. Technology is great but when its being naughty its pants. Hope the meds dont knock you about too much.

Debie xxx