Sunday, 4 October 2009

Testing, testing, 1 - 2 - 3 ...........

My new toy arrived on Friday, so I was able to take it away and peruse the various instructions, familiarise myself with functions, buttons etc.

Naturally, these things take time to get to grips with.


Here is my very first effort.

Yes, I know I'll not be in line for any major cinematic awards any time soon, but I'd only just switched it on and this was the very first clip I took.

23 seconds to film, 4 1/2 hours to get onto You Tube, although much of that time was spent upgrading firmware (no I don't know what that is either) formatting SD cards (no, nothing to do with Small Dog) installing software, persuading my laptop that the new gizmo was not a clandestine interloper and was perfectly entitled to interface via its USB port.

Then finding my way around the 'intuitive' software *ahem* and finally uploading the clip, waiting for YouTube to render it etc.


4h 30min 23 sec well spent I think you will agree.

Suddenly a whole new world of opportunity for instructional video tutorials, product marketing and all manner of business related ideas presents itself.


Did you say something?

Displacement activity??!!

How very dare you.............!


Anonymous said...

Wow - you got a new movie camera that only takes stills - did you not mention to SD that she should actually move when you are filming her with this camera or is it too much for her to know which is the "moving" camera and which is the "staying still" camera.

You should have fun with it anyway.


Sandra Morris said...

Good point well made.

Except my sole aim was to get the thing switched on and recording. Therefore I implored SD to 'stay' and merely attempt to look gorgeous.

No running about.
No acrobatics.
No opportunity for blurry action.

She performed perfectly. Method acting if ever I saw it.

It was a 'test'. Primarily to see whether I could work the thing, and more importantly, upload it properly.

Watch this space......

Anonymous said...

It looks good though. If that was your first attempt then I then it was brilliant. Nicely focused and even the zoom was good.

SD is definitely a beautiful little dog and so photogenic.

More of her please.


Deep Squeaker said...

I just watched this, but as I'm in a computer lab on campus it has no sound.

In some bizarre way it is even more hypnotic.

Little dog, for a pet!


Sandra Morris said...

You didn't miss much with having no sound...just a few squeaks from her toy platypus to keep her 'focused'.

I'm just relieved that
(a) I could actually record
(b) I could get it uploaded to YouTube.

Onwards and upwards........x