Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Doesn't time fly...........?

I feel slightly abashed that having dangled the promise of technicolour moving pictures earlier this week, there aren't now hours of stunning video adorning this blog.

However, in the way of things, I've been forced to raid eBay for a large capacity SD memory card for the new toy. Annoyingly, the onboard memory supplied is pitifully small and can cope with only about 10 seconds of HD recording before it has a fit of the vapours. Hopefully new memory card will arrive today and enable me to experiment more thoroughly.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that my first attempt at video was not exactly action-packed, and apart from a quick tongue flick and a few eye blinks, Small Dog was remarkably unanimated.

I have to point out that she followed the script to the letter.


I only wanted to be able to switch the gizmo on, focus and zoom.

That's all.

Purely to have something brief to attempt to get onto YouTube via the new software.

So getting Small Dog to lie still for 23 seconds, with minimal movement while I recorded a tiny snippet of video, was a major undertaking.

You should have seen the outtakes........ Small Dog walking on her front paws, 10 consecutive backflips, a jaw-dropping 30 second mime version of Midsummer Night's Dream in which she played all the parts including a hilarious Bottom .....

Sadly, as the onboard memory would only support a tiny amount of relatively low quality VGA recording, all of the above ended up on the metaphorical cutting room floor.

In other news, I've been uncharacteristically productive thus far this week. Which is just as well, seeing as how we have less than 5 weeks till our next exhibition.

Back to the salt mines for me then.............

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