Friday, 7 January 2011

All booked out......

I've spent the greater part of today listing more of the books from my collection on the website.

Some of them are very old friends and have been with me for over 20 years so it feels almost as if I'm selling my children.

They all cover areas of interest to the miniature enthusiast, from antique doll's houses, through to how to recreate stunning interiors in 1/12 scale.  There are books on making furniture, accessories, doll's house dolls, as well as several on historic period costume, antique toys and games, social history and more.

Several have already gone today, almost as soon as they were listed, so if there's one you really, really  want, I'd snap it up quick.

I fervently hope they all go to loving, appreciative homes.......


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Sans! said...

Hi Sandra, I just ordered some books. Please contact me at my Sans email address if there's anything amiss.