Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Too busy to blog.......

Due to an extended and uncharacteristic bout of energy, I've spend the past 4 days in the workroom going through it like a maelstrom.  I've got rid of so much 'stuff' I can hardly believe it myself.  

Some of the 'stuff' has gone to a charity shop, some has been 'freecycled' and lots of junk has been recycled.  There are still a few cupboards to do and I'm starting to run out of steam so I hope I can do the last few bits tomorrow.

The cull has revealed another pile of books for sale, and an assortment of miniature bits and pieces which will go onto the websites over the coming week or so, and rather a lot of space which wasn't there before.

I can even see the floor which is a bit of revelation as it's normally covered with all the overflow boxes and work in progress which won't fit on the worktops or desk.

I've got the bit between my teeth now, and have also made a start on the two spare rooms which are currently repositories for all the stuff we don't have room for anywhere else.  I'm being completely and utterly ruthless, which is what downsizing is all about.

In other news, PP has mended our fan oven.


None of the potentially disastrous scenarios came to pass and we now have an oven which purrs rather than roars, and actually gets really hot.

How exciting is THAT?!

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Elga said...

Glad you are getting stuff done, I should do a clean out, but my stuff is spread out all over the house, I still dream of having a room dedicated as a workroom. Oh well one day soon I hope.