Sunday, 2 January 2011

Out with the with the new. Possibly.....

Happy New Year!

Yes I know I'm a day late but yesterday was a bit of a black hole of pain, pain and more pain, courtesy of my MS giving me a good kicking for enjoying myself too much.

Mea culpa.

However, thanks to the soothing ministrations of PP, and a marathon 12 hour sleep, plus some absolutely ace painkillers I am feeling much better today and ready for the very last round of socialising for this festive period before we can pull up the January drawbridge and snuggle down for the rest of the winter.


Here we are in 2011.  I not keen on odd-numbered years.  I'll have an odd number birthday this year which I don't like either.

I'm actually really looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow, cocooned in my cosy workroom with Radio 4 for company.  It's the Archers 60 anniversary episode tomorrow afternoon and we're promised a sensational event.  Perhaps Jamie will run amok with a Kalashnikov, or Harry will turn out to be a married father of four.  More likely somebody will die......Jack's been on his last legs for a while and that would free Peggy to have a wild, passionate affair with her transatlantic 'friend'.  I do hope that Joe Grundy doesn't turn up his toes......he's my favourite character.  His rendition of the Hob Hound poem, which is always interrupted before the denouement is a real tour de force.

That aside, 2011 is set to be a year of change in the Small Dog household, with a potential house move on the cards, a change of direction business-wise and of course, the beginning of our caravan adventure.

If I absolutely HAD to make a New Year's Resolution it would be to get back to blogging basics and cut out all the flim-flam.  There's probably too much nonsense here and not enough stuff about miniatures.  I think I need to redress the balance.

And possibly give the blog a bit of a makeover.  

That's enough to be going on with......


Elga said...

Happy new year too and I am glad you are better. I love your blog the way it is, it is so interesting to get to know the person behind the miniatures, aren't our mini's an expression of ourselves and the dream world that we hoped would be ours. New Years resolutions, don't think I ever made any, if I want to I can change course any day of the year, like to think so in any case LOL.

Robin said...

Sorry about the MS flare up - not good - good job you've got someone ministering unto you ...and all that!
NY resolutions - Bah Humbug - but I do wish you all you wish for yourself (and a bit of prosperity too) - and OH for a drama-free, peaceful, cheerful 20011.
P.S. I know you're/we're thinking of Thame Fair in Feb - but I need to panic about Lostwithiel in Jan!!!!!!!!
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you all too!
Though for us it's just another day...we don't go in for all that resolution and number stuff.

I too have had flare ups and am walking round the house like a zombie, stiff and sore.

It too serves me right...alcohol and me ( even just a teensy bit ) don't go but I do have this wonderful bottle of Gavi......and a little of it each day is a treat while it last and a pain for a few hours afterwards!
Hey Ho.
On with the Motley!