Thursday, 13 January 2011

Decisions, decisions........

I called a meeting today of all the executive directors of Tower House Dolls and Diminutive Dolls today to discuss the kiln dilemma.

Small Dog in her role as 'sleeping partner' did deign to attend but only when bribed with some toasted brioche.  I need to have a stern talk to her about her negative work ethic.

The consensus was overwhelmingly in favour of maintaining the status quo and keeping the current kiln, with the proviso that I would fire it half full as it would take months to cast enough teeny tiny toy pieces to fill it to capacity.  Small Dog went off in the huff as she had been hoping to use her casting vote.

Not to mention the fact that the brioche had all gone.


Buoyed up by my continuing downsizing efforts I spent the rest of the day sorting through my own boxes of miniatures with a view to identifying which I could offer for sale.  

It is my experience that most miniaturists suffer from 'squirrel syndrome' which drives them to hoard completely unrealistic amounts of everything related to their hobby.  I don't know anyone who doesn't have at least one box full.  There are even some people, who shall remain nameless, *cough*, who have entire rooms full.

However, I have at least made a start and listed the first batch of miscellaneous miniatures for sale HERE.  This sometimes painful process will continue until I either break down, or everything I don't need has gone.  Whichever comes sooner.

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