Thursday, 6 January 2011

Lateral thinking........

I have managed to track down a replacement fan element for our ailing oven and it is currently on order.  In the meantime we are restricted to meals cooked either on the hob or in the slow cooker since salads don't have much appeal at the moment.

We're aiming to try to replace it ourselves.  I've read all the instructions online and the actual mechanics seem simple enough.
  • Unscrew back panel inside oven.
  • Unscrew retaining screws which hold fan element in place
  • Remove busted element.
  • Install new element, having first attached the connection leads.
  • Replace back panel.
  • Cook oven chips.
Of course, in reality it won't go so swimmingly.  According to the instructions there are a few niggly naggly problems which might arise.

Apparently, the manufacturers of some ovens think it's a hoot to put bolts on the screws which hold the back panel in place.  Unscrewing the screws inevitably results in the bolts falling off the end and down the back of the oven.  This necessitates removing the oven from its cabinet (bearing in mind that we have a built-in oven at eye height) in order to find the bolts and subsequently fix them back on.

Also the connector thingys are usually short.  

Very short.

Which means you have to practically crawl right inside the oven to see what you're doing, while holding a torch in your mouth, screwdriver in one hand and screw in the other.

That's just for starters.  I'm sure there are a whole barrel-load of amusing unforeseen faux pas we can inadvertently make to add to the general hilarity.

However, in the meantime I am cooking PiriPiri chicken in the slow cooker along with rice which will be cooked on the hob and chapatis which will be warmed under the grill.  Just right for a damp, chilly January evening filled with post-festive gloom.

Might even have a glass of something chilled to take the heat off.....

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Robin said...

Do it yourselves!!!????
Is there no end to the talents...await the next oven guddling blog with great excitement.Lol