Sunday, 23 January 2011

Ever decreasing circles......

Is it that time already?  Almost a week since my last post.  Good job I didn't make any NY resolutions to write a post at least every other day........


Not that there has been anything of interest to report.  The week has passed in a blur of activity, but I don't feel as if I've actually achieved anything.  Which is dispiriting to say the least.

I found some of our 'To Do' lists this morning, hiding out under a pile of paperwork.  Of the two whole pages of stuff to do, only a single item could be crossed off.

This is crushing, as the lists were made with the expectation of zapping through all the tasks lickety split.  Also, as a dedicated list maker, I experience a definite frisson whenever I can take my pen and draw a firm, black line though a completed task.

It really, REALLY makes my day.

I know.

I should really REALLY get out more.

Not only that.  *Drops voice to conspiratorial sotto voce whisper.*  I have been known to add things WHICH HAVE ALREADY BEEN DONE to a list purely for the satisfaction of crossing them off.

One small highlight last week consisted of us spending a night in our 'new' caravan.  I've been campaigning for this for some time, under the guise of needing to check out all the equipment well in advance of our first proper camping trip.  Also, although we are seasoned and experienced campervan campers, we are complete novice caravan campers, and don't want to be the laughing stock of the campsite the first time we take it out.

The first time we went camping in our campervan, it took us hours to get set up.  Everything was unfamiliar....where to put the electric hook up, where to put the water, how to level the van etc etc etc.  However over the past 6 years we have been forged into a well-oiled team and can complete the entire process, including erecting a day tent, in approximately half an hour.

Not so with the caravan.  We didn't know where anything was and spent well over an hour looking for the gas manifold taps, which were cunningly concealed under the oven.  Ditto setting up the water...... couldn't find the submersible pump then didn't know which way round to plug it in.  Ditto gas cylinder.  

We demonstrated a lengthy list of ineptitude.  However, at least it was on a private driveway with nobody except Small Dog watching us, not on a campsite in full view of all and sundry.

Buoyed by enthusiasm, I had suggested that we cook a meal for the kind relatives who were allowing us to store our van on their drive.  With hindsight, knowing that we had never cooked in the caravan, hadn't tested out the fridge or indeed any of the kitchen equipment, perhaps we should have been a bit more circumspect, but as the stated aim of the expedition was to try everything out we threw caution to the winds.

In the end it was all absolutely fine.  OK so the roasted vegetables took nearly two hours to cook instead of one, but that wasn't really a problem.  And we couldn't quite get the hang of the heating system, so it was either too hot or too cold.  And we ran out of water and had to bring all the washing up home in a bin bag.

But those minor problems aside it was a successful trial expedition.  Small Dog claimed a comfy cushion right by the front window as her dual-purpose 'nap and observational spot', and gave the whole experience a firm paw's up.

So now all we have to do is make a decision on a towcar and learn how to hitch/unhitch/manoeuvre/tow.


Oh, and learn how to put the enormous awning.........


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