Monday, 24 January 2011

All kitted out...........

I've spent all day today working on the instructions for a new toy kit.


They're in an 8-page A5 booklet, with step-by-step photographs so it's not as if I'm having to deal with something of War & Peace proportions.

Instructions are the bane of my life.  It's not until you have to explain a series of steps in unambiguous, easy to understand text that you realise how difficult they are to get right.

I've spent hours honing, rewording and editing in order to achieve concise but eloquent prose.
Added to which, some of the stuff I'm trying to describe is indescribable.  I mean what DO you call a piece of square plastic with a hole through the middle?  Or a tiny bit of aluminium tube with silk cord threaded through.  I have to call them something, rather than constantly having to repeat their tedious descriptions.

So that's why I'm all kitted out.  I threw in the descriptive towel earlier and hopefully tomorrow my usual facility with words will have reappeared then I'll be able to finish the instructions and print them out, ready to accompany the new kits.

Which will be unveiled at the Thame Fair next month.....


Anonymous said...

OOhh how exciting! Will come and see. I too have been wrestling with kits but mine are easier I THINK.

I've decided ( bowing to customer pressure ) to make kits of my flower decorated experiences chime with yours!

Robin said...

Sounds exciting stuff - looking forward to seeing them.