Thursday, 27 January 2011

Retail therapy........

Due to our fridge being a food-free zone, we were forced to go to Tesco this morning, where we took leave of our senses and indulged in some conspicuous consumption.

First off, we came across half price dog beds.

Now, Small Dog is not short of places to sleep.  She has a small soft bed in the office, a basket in the kitchen and an old duvet in the hall right under the radiatorShe also reserves the right to sleep on any sofa/chair/cushion, the rug in front of the fire, and any bed when we forget to shut the bedroom doors.  Also any lap of any visitor to the house.

It goes without saying that our laps are 'on call' 24/7.

So she doesn't really need another dog bed.  However we've been trying to surreptitiously 'bin' her old duvet for some time, but she always discovers its whereabouts before we manage to get it out the door and drags it back to her spot under the radiator. Leaving us with no alternative but to replace her old duvet with something more desirable BEFORE binning it.

She has tested the new bed very thoroughly and dragged both her blankys into it to signify that it passes muster. 


I also bought a fabulous new notebook and set of gel pens for the amazingly low price of £1.31, with which I am completely' over the top' delighted.  I just LOVE stationery.

Oh, and a small but perfectly formed TV for our caravan also in their 'Bargain' sale at an unbeatable price.  

Nothing like a bit of retail therapy on a cold, dank, miserable Thursday in January.  And when it's all at bargain basement prices it's even better.


TreeFeathers said...

Small Dog looks very cozy and content, she's adorable! :)

- Grace

Anonymous said...

Deer Smorl Dawg
I am veri impresud wiv yer nu bed!
Itz az bigaz myn!
And yoo ar a veri smorl dog.I am a bit bigur.
I two hav bedz orl ova the plays. Wun in the wurk room unda the tabul, wun in the kitshin, anova in the diening rum by the frensh windoes and, lyk yoo, evuryware els I laik!
I am a gud dyumpa.Mai Mumie and Dady downt mynd.
Hoo saes it'z a dogz laif!

Dogz Rul OK!

Lotz of lerve

Sandra Morris said...

Dere DD,
Mi nuw bed is veri nise and sofft. But i am a bit anoid that mi old doovay has bean throan owt. It smeld reeli lovli.

A dog kan nevr hav two meni plaises too sleep, i fined.

Taik kair
Luv and lix
SD xxx

Sandra Morris said...

She is an expert napper Grace. She also has a PhD in 'relacksin'.