Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Woke up this morning to find that my croaky throat from yesterday has turned into a full-blown upper respiratory affliction.  I sound like a slowed-down audio version of Marlene Dietrich, but without the sultry allure.  Even Small Dog is giving me a wide berth as if she's disturbed that I've also developed a low growl.

PP is giving me a wide berth as she doesn't want to catch my lurgy and I'm contemplating carrying a small bell with which to herald my approach and warn the healthy to get out of my way.  Much as I would love to curl up and have a 'duvet day', instead I've been at my desk, dealing with the steady stream of orders which have been flowing in, in response to our last chance clearance sale.

Seriously, if you're in the market for some quirky 1/12th scale characters to dress for your miniature settings, I'd take a look in the shop while there are still some left.  It's your LAST EVER chance to own a Tower House Dolls porcelain doll kit as I stopped making them late last year and the remaining last few dozen kits are now up for grabs.  You never know, they mighteven turn out to be future heirlooms!

Following my last post, I've had emails from blog readers and some customers asking if we're retiring from business, and what's with the 'final' clearance sale etc.

Well, the answer is yes and no.

No we're not retiring or selling the business.  Thanks to the government's changes to women's pension ages I still have another 12 years before I can even THINK about retirement, although of course a lot can happen in 12 years, even when you don't have MS in the mix.
Besides which, I can't imagine ever not working at what I do.  

But yes, the finality of the final clearance sale does what it says on the tin.  I am no longer making 1/12th porcelain dolls, kits or accoutrements.

Ever again.

Hence the 'everything must go' final clearance sale.

And yes, we will be making BIG changes to Tower House Dolls, which will not continue in its present form.  

I am no longer a dollmaker.  I am a toymaker.  You might think there is little distinction but I can assure you there most definitely is.

Of course I am keeping a small toe in the world of dollmaking by moving down a scale, from 1/12th to 1/24th in order to create tiny toy dolls.  However there is a whole world of difference between the two.

My 1/12th character dolls were not dolls at all.  They were meant to represent real people, in real situations, in realistic miniature settings.  I used to get quite miffed when people referred to them as dolls.

Or worse, dollies *shudder*.

However now, I AM making tiny dolls.  Proper tiny porcelain dolls for doll's house children to play with.

As well as toy puppets, marottes, and marionettes..........
And lots of other toys from the past 150 years or so, from vintage Victorian-style exotic menagerie pullalong toys, to 1950s Magic Sets.  
From illuminated toy theatres to wicker perambulators for tiny 1" tall toy babies.

As well as porcelain and fabric I nowhave the opportunity to work with many other materials..... wood, metals, paper. Which makes a nice change after over a quarter of a century working in the same medium.

So I now spend my creative working life in a world of perpetual childhood, recreating some of the most inspirational toys, games and playthings in miniature.

Can't be bad............


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Robin said...

I have to say that standing in front of your stand is like being in the best toyshop at Christmas - Good luck with it all.