Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Towing the line...........

To say I've been a tad preoccupied for the past two weeks is a massive understatement.

Small Dog, Perfectionist Partner and I have been trawling round every car dealer in the south east desperately trying to find our perfect towcar.

We've been to Whitstable, Ashford, Pevensey, Seaford and all points in between, and came within a whisker of deciding on a specific car last weekend, until a 'helpful' mechanic gave us the benefit of his experience and swayed us away from it.

Much to the annoyance of the salesman, who had thought he had the deal in the bag, and when we walked away to reconsider probably got the helpful mechanic in a headlock and gave him a good pummeling.

So it was back to square one, till we found a likely vehicle just half a mile up the road, which was more than we wanted to pay.  We would probably have done a deal on it though if the salesman hadn't decided to play silly buggers between us seeing it and taking it for a test drive.  He told us that someone else had only just looked at it and were probably going to buy it so he wouldn't be prepared to negotiate on the price.

Silly man.

So we walked away again and lo and behold he was on the phone to us by mid-afternoon suddenly prepared to negotiate.  We suspect that there was no other interested party and he had deployed a none too subtle form of blackmail in order to push us into the purchase.

Silly man squared.

So after  yet more intensive website searching, we headed west to look at yet another possible.  Took it for a test drive, then sat in the office and hammered out a very good deal, and after much umming and ahhing decided that we would have just one more look at it.......

Walked back up to the display area, to find another car parked up which had literally just come in from the valeters.  

Immediately smitten!  Same make and similar model but younger and less than half the mileage of the other.

Took it out for a test drive, hammered out another very good deal and finally, FINALLY decided to go for it.

Woo and indeed hoo!

It's having a tow pack fitted next week then we can move onto the next and even more terrifying phase of learning to tow our caravan. 

My relief knows no bounds.  I can now STOP thinking about cars every waking minute of every day.  We have a lovely car which is perfect in every way and which has a definite WOW factor. 

In other news, spring has finally sprung in sunny St. Leonards and it was actually really warm outdoors today.  Perfect caravanning weather then......


Robin said...

Not a bad couple of weeks then! Nice, very nice!

KT Miniatures said...

Well thats great news Sandra. Hope you both have a lorra fun with your new little four wheeled friend! Let us know how you get on with your towing-scary stuff. Celia

Elga said...

Glad for you and I hope you have a nice holiday soon. My husband is talking about a getting a caravan, but I have never been to keen on it, so maybe, just maybe you will be able to convince me that it is not so bad ;-)