Monday, 28 March 2011

My superpower..........

I have discovered my own special superpower.

I can take a moderately neat and tidy room and almost instantly transform it into a complete mess.

Exhibit A

Believe it or not, just minutes earlier this scene of devastation didn't exist.  Perhaps the room had been a tad untidy.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

But gets worse.........

Exhibit B

So today I will be attempting to restore order to the unbridled chaos which currently reigns in my workroom.

I've also come to the conclusion that I have a really rubbish superpower.


Michelle said...

lol lol Never again will I complain that my craft room or mini summer house is untidy...nor let anyone say as much either! lol

This has to be unrivalled mess! On that note...I'm off to my 'tidy-ish' summer house to do some craft/mini work! ;o))

Happy tidying!
Michelle xx

Sandra Morris said...

I'm a diva at making a mess but this is bad even for me......


Robin said...

Earlier blogs about tidying, sorting, boxing had me quite worried - what a relief to see these pics!!

Angela said...

Hey Sandra, I have that superpower also and I thouhght that was my room in the picture until I saw some floor :o)