Friday, 25 March 2011

My mantra.........

For the next few days my mantra simply has to be:

Must get back to work
Must get back to work
Must get back to work.............

I'm still preparing orders from the Online Show last weekend which from my point of view was absolutely wonderful and far surpassed my expectations.  Aside from the sales, it was great not to have to travel anywhere, set up our stand, spend the whole day policing it, pack it all up again and travel back home.  So aside from the cost of the 'virtual stand' which was extremely reasonable, there were no overheads whatsoever.


So as a result, all this week I've been chasing my tail, trying to catch up with all the orders, as well as several commissions, with which I really must get on.

In other news, the lovely warm, springlike weather is still ongoing.  I even saw people in vest tops, shorts and flip-flops yesterday, which smacked of tempting fate to me.......
I'm reminded of my wise old grannie's saying:

"Ne'er cast a clout till May be out"

As a child, this puzzled me greatly, as the only 'clout' I was aware of referred to a slap, or hit.  However the 'clout' in the saying refers to one's simmet.

Simmet:  Noun: A vest of the old fashioned kind (underwear).  
Example: " Is it no aboot time you chinged that simmet, it's bowfin so it is". 

Bowfin :Adjective: Smelly, dirty, like mingin' with the emphasis on the smelly.
Example: "Ah wisht ah'd washed ma jumper efter ah wis sick oan it last week. It's pure bowfin noo, so it is.."

Ah, the simple pleasures of the Scottish vernacular.  Pure music to my ears so it is........

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