Saturday, 26 March 2011



Had my first go driving the 'new' car today.  A sensation akin to flying a Tornado fighter jet after being used to driving a donkey and cart.

The feeling of power beneath the bonnet is both exhilarating and scary in equal measure, although hopefully that same raw power will be hugely reassuring when we have 1  1/4 tons of caravan hitched up to the back.

In other news I decided to continue the reorganisation of the workroom today, which, with hindsight was not such a good idea as all I've achieved is to create one godalmighty guddle, in which it is impossible to move, let alone work.

However I'm trying to be pragmatic and take the view that you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs, and that another half day's sorting out will result in liberating acres of space, but just at the moment I can't see the wood for the trees.   Also I've run out of the lovely, versatile storage boxes I bought recently and will have to order more in order to complete the task. 

More lovely spring weather today which is bringing everyone outside to tackle gardening and household maintenance tasks.  I spent an hour yesterday sanding down the oriel window outside our office.  It takes the brunt of the weather at the front of the house and is desperately in need of a repaint.  I was going great guns until the mechanical mouse sander turned up its toes and died.  If the weather continues fine tomorrow I'll see if it can be resuscitated so I can finish the job ready for painting.  Sometimes there's a lot to be said for UPVC windows, although I do much prefer wooden ones.

Our clocks go forward by an hour tonight, and the downside of losing an hour's sleep is more than offset by a whole hour's extra daylight tomorrow evening.  This is my most favourite time of the year and feels long overdue after what has felt like an interminable winter.  The hedgerows are greening up, spring flowers are in full bloom and the lengthening days hold the promise of balmy summer days ahead and a whole season of caravanning contentment beckons.

Excellent stuff............

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