Friday, 6 May 2011

'F' in Maths.......


D'you see what I did there?


In that case you're probably quite good with numbers.  Not the mention the thing with the tens and units, more commonly known as 'sums'.

It's my own fault.  I shouldn't rely so heavily on Excel which is a program forged in the pits of dyscalculia hell.  Many years ago I completed an advanced Excel course and by doing it every day, I managed to do some quite complicated stuff.  However the clue is in the 'doing it every day' so now I'm lucky if I can even manage to get the autosum thingy to do what I want.

As for formulae....... I can just about cope with very, very simple ones, combining basic addition and subtraction.  However, start throwing % into the mix and it all goes base over apex.

Why are numbers such slippery little buggers?  There are only 10 of them so they shouldn't be so hard to keep track of, or so reluctant to toe the mathematical line.

My head hurts and every time I close my eyes, a maelstrom of £££££s and numbers float in a stormy sea comprised entirely of Excel spreadsheets.


It's wine o'clock.......



Anonymous said... o'clock...I wish...

I have become incredibly allergic to wine.. Buggrit!

Somehow...elderflower cordial-o-clock doesn't have the same ring! :(
Glad to hear SD is alright.
Sx and DDxx

Anonymous said...

Stephen says...
wine that goes with 5 o clock is
" Vouvray! "