Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Sword of Damocles.........

..........has been lifted.

I have miraculously swept through my 'most urgent' to do list and cleared EVERYTHING!


I know.

Brilliant or what?!

All outstanding orders have been packaged and despatched.  The lingering commission has been completed, carefully packaged and sent off.  As has my Kensington Dollshouse Festival Showcase Exhibit.  All of the items are for sale and can be bought at the show.  Several have been made specially for KDF and won't be repeated so if you're going to the Festival, look out for the display in the entrance foyer, in the glass showcase.  Information on prices etc are available at the information desk.


I can now turn my attention to the annual business accounts, which I will start tomorrow, annexing the dining room as usual and leaving it knee-deep in paper for the duration.  It doesn't help that the recent amazing weather is set to continue, and get even better towards the weekend.

No matter.  I will disdain the delights of the great outdoors and immerse myself in the task.  If I'm really lucky, and all the spreadsheets tally, I might manage to get it all done and dusted by early next week.  I can then play Russian Roulette on the tax website..........


Anonymous said...

....and no mention of Small Dog?
DD asks how she is and when her next visit to the dreaded vet is scheduled?

Not that we know anything of course....

Sandra Morris said...

SD is doing ok. She doesn't have a vet appointment scheduled at the moment but is still taking her medicine.

Other than that she's still catching up on her sleeps following the caravan holiday. I know just how she feels.....zzzzzzzz