Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Under the weather..........

There are many advantages to working from home.
  • I can get up *5 minutes before I'm due to start 
  • I can declare an impromptu 'Wear Your Pyjamas to Work Day* whenever the need arises (see above *)
  • My morning commute takes less than 30 seconds
  • My working day is flexible.... I can work 9-5, or 12-8, or 6-2
  • My working week is flexible.... I can take Tues & Thurs off and work through the weekend
  • Travelling expenses are nil
  • Nap breaks are possible at any time
  • Ditto elevenses/lunch/afternoon tea/snacks
  • Small Dog is always on hand to provide encouragement/displacement activity/playtime

I could go on but you get the drift.

However, one major, MAJOR disadvantage is that it's impossible to pull a sickie.  Unless I'm completely incapacitated by lurgy, I find it impossible to take the day off due to illness.
The last day or two I've felt distinctly under the weather but not really bad enough to languish in bed, or take to the sofa with only Small Dog and daytime TV for company.  

So I've been pacing myself, doing a little bit of casting, little bit of work on the laptop, little bit of making lists........nothing too strenuous and nothing too complicated or intense which would require me to be functioning at better than 25% of normal.

But at almost 4.45pm I've decided to knock a whole 15 minutes off my working day and declare 'home time'.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling better.  Otherwise.......


rosanna said...

Take care, rest a lot, sleep as much as you can. Follow SD advice, do as she'd do.Minihugs, Rosanna

Michelle said...

I know it always sounds ideal and great to work from home...but there are downsides too. So I'm hoping you stay away from work...even if it's in another room! ;o)

Michelle xxx

Bev said...

Ha. and no tube rides, sweaty men, or even buying lunch. Still home coffee never as good as cafe bought. You could always ring yourself with your mobile making coughing and sick noises to make it verifiable.

Anonymous said...

I feel a little better today.
Thanks Heavens or should I say thank SD. ( For geeing DD up with the Healing Paw.)

I might even venture out to......wait for it...... Bicester all of ten miles away ( my library books are up :(

Hope you too are feeling the effects of the Healing Paw.

Sandra Morris said...

Rosanna.... good advice, but if I slept as much as SD I'd never get anything done!

Michelle...I'll do my best!

Bev...have never succumbed to the undoubted delights of shop-bought coffee as I can't tolerate caffeine. Also £3.50 for a coffee!!!!!!!

Sue...good to hear you're feeling better. Told you the Healing Paw would do it.